Our Philosophy

Here at Steps to Hope Academy each child will be led on a path toward social, emotional, physical, educational and cognitive success. We have made it our duty to provide an enriched environment where children and parents are our identified focus. We believe that each family is unique with their own values, diversity, language and traditional customs. We therefore know how important it is to form a partnership with each and every family to better serve their child/children. This in turn will create a positive learning experience.

Along with parent participation we can strengthen and empower families to learn together while bridging the gap between home and the child care center. It’s our practice to ensure that all instructional staff are highly qualified and in agreeance to carry out all duties to the best of their ability, experience and education ramifications.  Promotion of wellness is a key factor while in our care. We know that a healthy child is a happy and healthy learner.


Upon your child’s acceptance into Steps to Hope Academy, the parent or guardian of each child is required to read, and/or sign and date the forms listed below a copy will be provided to each parent or guardian and a copy will be kept in the child’s file:

  • Medical Report Form
  • Immunization History Form
  • Identifying and Emergency Information Form
  • Authorization Drop Off-Pick Up Form
  • Discipline and Behavior Management Policy
  • Infant Feeding Schedule for children 6 months to 16 months
  • Food Program Application completed
  • Steps to Hope Parents and Provider contract
  • ITS-SIDS Information-Infant/Toddler Safe Sleep Policy
  • Permission To Administer Medication Form
  • Child Care Health Consultant Parental Consent and Reading
  • Release of Responsibility/Liability
  • List of Holidays Observed
  • Daily Schedule
  • Policy Amendment
  • Payment Contract
  • NC Child Care Law and Rules

Within 10 days of enrollment, the medical statement, (signed by physician) and immunization record must be on file. Failure to turn in these forms could result in loss of your child’s space at this facility. A copy of the discipline policy will be given to you prior to enrollment, and if there are any changes in that policy, a 30-day written notice will be given to each parent. THIS IS A STATE LAW!